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Anchor 13

Frank Sumatra 


Bev and Keith are a nice young couple who like to do their bit for the environment and pay ten quid a month to sponsor an orphan orangutan in Indonesia.  They're also trying hard for a baby but when their orangutan turns up on the doorstep they suddenly find themselves as parents of a large, hairy, unruly teenager. A dark and surreal comedy performed in the style of a live radio play recording. 

Theatre N16/Alphabetti Theatre, 2016 


Director:  Neil Armstrong 


Cast: Pip Chamberlin, Dean Logan, Hannah Walker




"a wonderfully surreal piece of theatre." uniontimes *****


"Hilarious, original, faux radio comedy!" remotegoattheatre *****


"Cleverly written...go see it while you can." LondonTheatre1 ****


"Gave our ancestor a voice...performed brilliantly." pubtheatreguide ****


"inventive piece of theatre that has you laughing from beginning to end." theatrefullstop ****


"Yeaman does not disappoint and is definitely one to watch."  livetheatreuk













Buzău, Romania, 2016
(Comic 7B Festival de Teatru)
Cast: Pip Chamberlin, Roxana Lupu, Dean Logan

2015 Production


Commissioned by Queen's Hall Arts for a tour of the North East in March 2015.  


Directed by Bev Fox


Cast: Pip Chamberlin, Jessica Johnson, Mat Hobbins



"Sitcom meets Kafka."  British Theatre Guide

Mike Yeaman  playwright

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