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Lucky Numbers - Winner of the People's Play Award 2008 


Nana is losing control – her mind is slipping and she's forced to live with her daughter’s feckless family. When her lucky numbers come up on the national lottery she decides she wants to see some changes made around the place before she’ll hand over the winning ticket.


As well as three productions in Newcastle, the comedy has been produced in Liverpool, New Zealand, Estonia (Onnenumbrid) and Finland (Onnennumerot).




Royal Court Liverpool 


Sheila Reid, Chris Crookall, Pauline Fleming, Michael Starke

Chris Crookall, Rachel Rae, Michael Starke, Sheila Reid, Mike Neary

Rachel Rae, Pauline Fleming, Sheila Reid

Sheila Reid, Kris Mochrie

Mike Neary, Michael Starke

Sheila Reid, Rachel Rae, Michael Starke, Chris Crookall, Pauline Fleming

Rachel Rae

Set by Mark Walters

Chris Crookall, Michael Starke, Rachel Rae, Sheila Reid, Mike Neary

Rachel Rae, Sheila Reid

Rachel Rae, Pauline Fleming, Sheila Reid

Rachel Rae, Kris Mochrie

Sheila Reid, Michael Starke

“… an outrageously witty script… yet what makes this piece so special is his ability to combine the hilarious with the beautiful… a captivating show….a winner of a production.”


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Starring Sheila Reid and Michael Starke


Directed by Ken Alexander


Designed by Mark Walters

Anchor 18

Finland - Kouvola 

(Translated as Onnennumerot by 

Tuomas Timonen)

Autumn 2015/Spring 2016

Directed by Satu Linnapuomi

Designed by Sanna Levo 

Starring Nina Petelius-Lehto 


Also: Tytti Vänskä, Veli-Matti Karén,

Rebecca Viitala, Panu Poutanen,

Raimo Räty, Sami Kosola 

Finland - Kemi 

(Translated as Onnenumerot by

Tuomas Timonen) 

Autumn 2017/Spring 2018

Directed by Sarianne Paasonen

Designed by Kaisa Niva

Starring Sirpa Filppa

Also:  Johanna Virsunen, Samu Stenberg

Anni-Maija Koskinen, Ilkka Hämäläinen

Timo Vuento, Kimmo Hirvenmäki

Estonia - Vana Baskini Teater

(Translated as Onnenumbrid)


Touring production 2015/2016


Translated by Andra Aaloe


Directed by Eero Spriit 


Starring Helgi Sallo


Also: Katrin Valkna, Raivo Rüütel, Merilin Kirbits, Madis Milling,

Rauno Kaibiainen, Mihkel Tikerpalu

Anchor 12

Finland - Rauma and Håmeenlinna productions

(Translated as Onnennumerot by Tuomas Timonen) 


Originally produced by the Rauman Kaupunginteatteri for their 2013/2014 rep season. The production was restaged at the Håmeenlinnan Teatteri for Autumn 2014.  





Directed by Hanna Ojala

Designed by Lotta Esko


Starring Ritva Loijas

Also: Timo Julkunen, Raisa Sorri, Lauri Ketonen, Lotta Vaattovaara, Marko Salminen, Oskari Perkki


Ritva Loijas

Raisa Sorri, Oskari Perkki

Timo Julkunen, Raisa Sorri, Lauri Ketonen, Lotta Vaattovaara, Ritva Loijas

Ritva Loijas, Marko Salminen

Timo Julkunen, Lauri Ketonen, Lotta Vaattovaara, Ritva Loijas, Raisa Sorri

Anchor 15

Newcastle - People's Theatre and Customs House productions 


Lucky Numbers premiered as a studio production at The People's Theatre, Jesmond as winner of the biennial People's Play Award 2008. It was then restaged for a run at The Customs House, South Shields later that year. It was revived in Autumn 2014.

Casts:  Pat Dunn, Pip Chamberlin, Jayne Mackenzie, Harriet Ghost, Adrian Chisholm, Michael Addison, Micky McGregor, Peter Harrison, Carol McGuigan, Chris Connel, Baden Burns, Laura Norton, Andy Bates, Helen Belgian-Cooper, Hayley Gowland, Toby Cooper, Scott Caffrey, Ian Davidson. 


(Photos from the 2014 production)

“Really original piece…a brilliant script….wonderfully crafted.”  Evening Chronicle


“A cracking piece that is laugh-out-loud funny – hoots of laughter rang out throughout this hugely entertaining farce.”    The Northern Echo


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Directed by Jackie Fielding (2008)

                    Michael Strassen (2014)


Starring Pat Dunn (All productions)





Anchor 16

New Zealand - Fortune Theatre, Dunedin 



“Had the audience rolling…”
Arts On Sunday, New Zealand Radio


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Directed by Ross Jolly


Starring Louise Petherbridge


Designed by Matt Best



Anchor 17

Mike Yeaman  playwright

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