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Lucky Numbers - Royal Court Liverpool


“… an outrageously witty script… yet what makes this piece so special is his ability to combine the hilarious with the beautiful… a captivating show….a winner of a production.”


“… (Sheila) Reid certainly has fun playing the crafty, potty-mouthed third ager… Her performance is joyfully on the money…saying that, the cast as a whole give her a gleeful run for her money… slapstick mayhem with a poignant finale… Ken Alexander and his cast have created an evening’s entertainment that’s at least five numbers and the Bonus Ball.”   Liverpool Echo


“Mike Yeaman’s play is fat with laughs….”  Liverpool Daily Post


“…both funny and thought provoking …a masterclass in timing and delivery… this is one Lottery show that is well worth buying a ticket for.”   The Stage


“…cheers and clapping and hearty laughter…”


“…a series of roller coaster emotions… it’s full of earthy belly laughs and fantastic one liners! …. also some great visual gags… I don’t remember laughing that much in a theatre… the venue and this production make for a great night out.”


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Lucky Numbers - Fortune Theatre, Dunedin. New Zealand


“Lucky Numbers, winner of Britain’s prestigious People’s Play Award, is a happy choice for Fortune’s winter season, with its mix of funny lines, farcical action, likeable characters, and comic twists in a relevant plot line that is sure to appeal.”


“Cheerfully funny… seamlessly transferred from its native Newcastle.”  Otego Daily Times


“Had the audience rolling…”   Arts On Sunday, New Zealand Radio


“Plenty of winning lines…. Laughs a-plenty and a good heart.”  The Star (NZ)

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Lucky Numbers - People's Theatre, Newcastle and Customs House, South Shields. 


“Really original piece…a brilliant script….wonderfully crafted.”   Evening Chronicle


“A cracking piece that is laugh-out-loud funny – hoots of laughter rang out throughout this hugely entertaining farce.”    The Northern Echo


“Mike Yeaman’s play is packed with scenes and situations that are full of comic potential and he grabs them all, hitting the mark each and every time. The laughs from the audience are loud, long and hearty. Additionally, there are some beautifully poignant moments that almost bring a lump to the throat.”  UK Theatre Network


“…keeps us hooked until the very end…had the audiences howling from start to finish….the reaction of the audience proved why Lucky Numbers was winner of the People’s Play Award…”  The Journal


“…they laughed almost from the first word….a definite comic talent.”  British Theatre Guide


“Well plotted farcical action with a delightful final twist… Anyone who likes comedy should not miss this.”
Sunderland Echo

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Canoeing For Beginners - Customs House, South Shields (Newcastle) 


“…marks Mike Yeaman out as a serious writing talent.”  The Newcastle Journal


“Farcical tale told brilliantly.”  Evening Chronicle


“All the hallmarks of a sure-fire hit.”  UK Theatre Network


“Mike Yeaman’s follow-up to Lucky Numbers is a worthy successor and one that will provide a great night of entertainment for those fortunate enough to get tickets.”The Sunderland Echo


“It’s great to see a comedy that does everything it says on the tin.”  The Northern Echo


“Canoeing for Beginners’ is a comedy, drama and farce and Mike Yeaman displays great panache in writing dialogue for each of the aforementioned genres….a first-class production that boasts a consummate cast, a sparkling script and a plot that has more twists and turns than a corkscrew.”  

The Public Reviews

Frank Sumatra


"a wonderfully surreal piece of theatre." uniontimes *****


"Hilarious, original, faux radio comedy!" remotegoattheatre *****


"Cleverly written...go see it while you can." LondonTheatre1 ****


"Gave our ancestor a voice...performed brilliantly." pubtheatreguide ****


"inventive piece of theatre that has you laughing from beginning to end." theatrefullstop ****


"Yeaman does not disappoint and is definitely one to watch."  livetheatreuk

"Sitcom meets Kafka."  British Theatre Guide

Mike Yeaman  playwright

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